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  • Make your extra income with Forex
    15 November 2017 , People go to work everyday to earn money in order to finance all their expenses. Some even stay in the office for extra hours to do overtime, just so they could earn extra money. If you’re one of the many people still looking for ways to earn extra income, forex trading is a very good place to start your search. Forex trading is no longer centralized in just the actual FX market. In fact you can now trade internationally. Curious, well in reallity it is fairly straightforward. You probably already know that the internet is widely in use in today’s world, and there are numerous businesses that are discovering very valuable uses for it in most areas of their work. It’s even possible to trade […] Read the rest of the article
  • The basic strategy you need to become successful at forex: mix technical and fundamental analysis
    1 November 2017 , Trading strategies are crucial to being a successful FOREX trader. However, there are many different strategies for trading and thus FOREX traders must find their own unique style. Technical or fundamental analysis approaches are preferred by many traders, but the amalgam of both strategies will ensure a broad overview of the financial market. The most important concept that technical analysis relies on is that prices move by trends. A common saying in FOREX trading is “The trend is your friend.” There are identifiable patterns in market movements that have been analyzed for many years. A good understanding of these trends and how to read them makes up the foundation of a good trading […] Read the rest of the article
  • The Truth Behind Stock Market Trading
    20 October 2017 , If you happen to watch a business show or business news on TV, you’d probably hear words or phrases like “stock market,” ‘trading,” “stocks” or “stock market trading.” What are these things and what is their significance? To answer your questions, here’s an overview on what stock market trading is. Definition In simple terms, stock market trading is the voluntary buying and selling or exchange of company stocks and their derivatives. Stocks refer to the capital raised by a corporation by means of issuing and sharing shares. These are traded in a stock market just as commodities like coffee, sugar, wheat and rice are traded in a commodity market. The physical or virtual (as trading may take […] Read the rest of the article
  • 12 Guidelines you have to Follow to become a successful Forex Trader
    12 October 2017 , Investment in the stock current market is one from the most effective approaches to create money. Nevertheless, it is some thing that requirements to become accomplished properly and demands endurance. They are some guidelines to remember when investing. 1. Invest for the lengthy phrase investment ought to usually be carried out with a lengthy term look at in head , typically between three to five ages is really a excellent time span. Investing to the long phrase allows sufficient time to sway by way of the volatility that normally accompanies the stock market. However, it is also essential to maintain investment on a regular basis also. The power of compound growth can only occur above a […] Read the rest of the article
  • Guidelines for selecting a forex signal services provider
    10 October 2017 , Forex signal service provides signal services to their customers so that customers can make informed decisions. Forex signal service providers are usually brokers or professional traders or market analysts. People interested in forex trading need to subscribe to a forex signal service as monitoring the market full time is difficult for people on their own. The reason being it is very time consuming. Forex trading signal providers assist their customers in reducing risks or loss while trading.   Often, potential customers donat know what to look for in a foreign exchange service provider. One thing they should do when conducting searches on the internet is to first check the provideras […] Read the rest of the article

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What is Forex ?

The Spot, Cash or Money market is the biggest market. You probably heard about futures, options and forwards which are derivatives of the main Cash Market.

The word FOREX is derived from Foreign Exchange and is the most largest financial market in the world. Unlike many markets the FX market is open 24 hours per day and has an estimated $2.0 Trillion in turnover every day. This tremendous turnover is more than the combined turnover of all the wordls' stock markets on any given day. This tends to lead to the most liquid market and thus makes it a very interesting market to trade. The Forex Market is an OTC Market (Over The Counter), meaning it doesn't have to be traded on an exchange.

The FX market does not have a fixed exchange. Nobody can claim having the right price but the high liquidity of this market makes it autoregulated. It is primarily traded through banks, brokers, dealers, financial institutions and private individuals. Trades are still executed through phone and increasingly through the Internet as the Internet penetration is growing drastically. It is only in the last few years that the smaller investor has been able to gain access to this market, around year 2000. Previously the large amounts of deposits required precluded the smaller investors and the monopoly of the big institution enabled a lot of cheating. With the advent of the Internet and growing competition it is now easily in the reach of most investors and the margin of the institution reduced automatically.

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